So Joseph and I have had Huntington Beach CA on our bucket list since we started dating. Joseph lived there for a couple months when we was in college while he did a FCAV (fellowship of christian athletes - volleyball)  internship, and he has always wanted to go back and show me around his old stomping grounds. A couple weeks back we were able to cross HB off our bucket list and it was just the BEST! We honestly didn't want to do much once we got to California except relax, eat and go to the beach. And thats just what we did. Huntington Beach is such a GREAT beach town. Although there are SO MANY beautiful places to visit in California, we just wanted to relax and stay right in our little beach town. If we couldn't walk there, we didn't go. I can honestly say there was NO shortage of things to do. Great shopping, great food, GREAT weather. It was one of those vacations where when we got home, we actually felt rested. It was perfect. Below are some of the stand outs from out trip: 

Pacific City - You can't miss it! It's this big outdoor shopping mall with unique shops and restaurants (you're not going to find a Chipotle or Old Navy in there. It might have been the trendiest place I've ever been)

Bear Flag Fish Co - This is located inside Pacific City and it. is. DELICIOUS! Their regular dinner menu is wonderful but my favorite part is their happy hour menu with $5 Ceviche and $7 Fros√®. MY GOODNESS! I could have eaten that ceviche every day we were there and I would still not be sick of it. 

Bonzai Bowl - If you don't know what this is, its basically a giant smoothie served in a bowl with a bunch of fruit and granola on top. If that doesn't sound appealing to're crazy. 

The Dudes Brewing Company - This place was just so unique! Joseph and I love going to new breweries and we have never been to one like this! Some of the beer they brew includes "Orange Julius IPA" literally tasted like an orange creamsicle! They also had a "Shamrock Ale" . Shamrock... like a Shamrock shake. Minty beer might not sound appetizing, buut it was actually really good! Definitely something to try!

Sugar Shack Caf√© - Joseph took me here our last full day in HB. It was just the perfect, small, low key breakfast joint. I love places that show history and this little place has photos of Huntington Beach anywhere from present day to the 1960's covering every inch. It was great! Plus... a giant plate of french toast for only $7, you just can't beat it! 

Molly Neely