I love what I do, but sometimes wedding photography can be so stressful. There are so many times when I question what am I actually doing trying to compete in an industry that is SO saturated. But at Mary Beth + James Howard wedding..there was not an ounce of those feelings. 

They are sweet, they are so genuinely in love, they are laid back, but that is not the reason their big day was so great. Mary Beth and James Howard are two people whose life mission is to love others the way Christ loves us. Their love for each other, their friends, their family was one that was so pure and effortless it couldn't be from anyone but the Lord. 

Their wedding was beautiful, Mary Beth was STUNNING  (seriously...like drop dead gorgeous), those burrito bowls were LIFE CHANGING... But when I think of their wedding day I think of how the Lords hand was all over that day and this couple. You guys keep doing what your doing. Keep loving the Lord and keep loving others the way the Lord loves you. It's obvious you guys have affected so many lives separately and I can't wait to see what y'all do together!

Congrats guys! You are something special 

Molly Neely