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I'm Molly Neely and I'm so glad you are here!

My husband, myself and our two sweet pups live in Greenville SC. I was first drawn to photography because I loved weddings! I love what they represent and I love that they are this huge, (regardless of the guest count) monumental moment in two peoples life that they will remember for the rest of their life!

As my husband and myself are planning on expanding our family through adoption, my eyes have opened to more joys of photography. Quite honestly, I used to really dislike family portraits. I didn't like the structure and all the posing, but through this adoption journey, photographing families have hit more of a sweet spot in my heart.

With that said, I still like photographing situations that aren't super structured which is why I LOVE photographing families with children! So I'm serious, if you have a crazy toddler and want family photos taken, drop me an email! I love kids. I love the craziness they bring. And I would LOVE to take your family photos!

SO, as well as shooting weddings, Molly Neely Photography is now officially adding family and newborn photography to my list! 

Take a look at the list below..if you find your self loving what you're reading, then I'm thinking we'd make a great team!

  • You love photos that are in the moment. Nothing super staged.
  • You like to have fun and move a lot during your photos.
  • You like the idea that a lot of your photos are going to have genuine emotion. (I aim for all laughing but lets get real, with babies and toddlers sometimes there are some tears.)
  • You love your dog(s) and want them to be there. HECK YES I'M YOUR GIRL!!!

I'm so glad you stopped by, if you want to carry on this convo, head over to my Say Hello!


Molly Neely